Car Wash

Professional Car Wash Solutions

With a complete product line featuring advanced technology, we offer the brushes, protectants, pre-soaks, and waxes to keep every vehicle going through your car wash looking spotless.

Car Wash Concentrate


  • Highly concentrated
  • Removes road film and window masking
  • First pass in a two-presoak application
  • Organic acid, inhibitors, and surfactants


  • Biodegradable alkaline formula
  • For use in automatic washes with single-pass presoak
  • Detergent presoak with excellent rinsing
  • Moderate foaming
  • Highly dilutable

Impact Low pH Presoak

  • Highly concentrated
  • First pass in a two-presoak application
  • Organic acid

Friction Plus

  • Biodegradable high alkaline
  • Quick-rinsing
  • High-foaming
  • Suspends road films oils and greases
  • Friction application

Self-Serve Friction

  • Concentrated versatile alkaline cleaner
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Highly effective at removing road films, bugs, and other soils on automotive finishes, glass and chrome
  • Use in self serve and automatic foam cloth washes

Tire & Engine Degreaser

  • No petroleum or chlorinated solvents
  • Safe on all metals, plastic, and PVC
  • High concentration
  • Melon fragrance
  • For use on tires, engines, wheels, and suspension

Clear Coat

  • Near-neutral pH
  • Use on all metals and painted surfaces
  • Excellent drying
  • Free rinsing, no streaks
  • Intense sheeting

Dry Shine

  • Excellent drying properties
  • Unsurpassed sheeting action leaving surface virtually free
  • Clear coat protection and rinse aid in one product
  • For automatic and manual applications
  • Soft water recommended

Tri Foam No Dye

  • Dense foam with premium high gloss enhancers
  • Leaves vehicles with a brilliant shine
  • Soft water recommended
  • Safe on all metal and painted surfaces

Foamy Brush

  • Excellent brush lubricity
  • Use on all metals and painted surfaces
  • Near neutral pH
  • Spot free rinsing, no streaks

Tri-Foamy Brush: Yellow, Red, Blue

  • Near-neutral pH
  • High brush lubricity
  • Spot-free rinsing
  • No streaking
  • Dense foam
  • Strong detergent to remove dirt and grime
  • Red, blue, or yellow color

Foamy Conditioners: Yellow, Red, Blue

  • Safe on all metal and painted surfaces
  • Free rinsing
  • High-gloss enhancers
  • Dense foam
  • For use with Dry Shine

HF Acid Wall Wash

  • Powerful acid cleaners
  • Foaming detergent
  • Quickly dissolves hard water scale and inorganic soils

Car Wash Super Concentrate

Single Pass PRO

  • Premium presoak
  • Can be used as two-pass touchless or one-step presoak
  • Removes bugs and road film
  • Green lemon and orange scent

High pH Presoak PRO

  • Designed to follow first step in two-pass touchless
    • Can also be used as one-step
  • Removes bugs and road film
  • Green color
  • Lemon and orange scent

ShockWave PRO

  • First step in two-pass touchless
  • Advanced technology surfactants
  • Red color
  • Lemon and orange scent

Clear Coat PRO

  • High concentrate
  • Non-silicone
  • Clear coat protection
  • Fast-drying
  • Tan color
  • Tropical scent

Clean Friction PRO

  • Blend of detergents, degreasers, softeners and polymer for friction applications
  • Mild pH solution
  • Thick foam lifts and suspends road films, dirt and oils

Dry Shine PRO

  • Ultimate clear coat enhancement, intense sheeting action and drying agent all in one
  • For use in automatic and manual systems
  • For use on all metal and painted surfaces
  • Near neutral pH

Tri Foamy Brush PRO: Blue, Red, Yellow

  • Neutral pH
  • High-foam
  • Lifts soils
  • Barrier between brushes and vehicle
  • Easy rinsing
  • Red, blue, and yellow color
  • Tooty fruity scent

Tri Foamy Conditioner PRO: Blue, Red, Yellow

  • Surfactant-based
  • High gloss enhancer
  • Helps clean and prepare vehicles for clear coat and dry shine
  • Red, blue, and yellow color
  • Cherry scent

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